Finding Joy in God’s Plan

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I claw and scream inwardly as I cling to unraveling plans–my plans for a good life, great kids, a perfect marriage.

But lives don’t follow carefully laid plans and great kids have minds of their own. Perfect marriages don’t exist–there are no perfect wives or husbands.

Still I tie myself in knots when my plans go bust. My world seems to spiral around me out of control because it isn’t spinning the way I think it should. Like Job I say, “My days have passed, my plans are shattered, and so are the desires of my heart.” Job 17:11

There is a better way. God’s word reminds me, “My times are in [His] hands.” Psalm 31:15

All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.Psalm 139:16b

Can I trust God in the difficult things in life? Can I look at my world falling apart and know God is using it for His good? Can I choose joy in knowing God is in even the difficult things?

Sure I pray for deliverance, healing, provision, but while praying for those things can I still thank God for the difficult situation, illness, and jobless place I am in? In the midst of longing for a child can I praise God for knowing what is best for me and seek Him in the desert instead of seeking my way?

If I ask for eyes to see, will I choose to drink from the well of joy or will I cling to unraveling plans? Will I fight for control that I never had or will I let go of my plans and praise God for His plans?

Is it possible when I choose to praise God in the difficult times the joy of the Lord is my strength? Considering it all joy as James says could be the answer to my swirling out of control world. The world isn’t out of control, it is just out of my control.

The truth is that God is in there somewhere. It is both comforting and confusing to have Him so close in these difficult times, but seeing Him there, trusting His ways that are not our own, yes that is where joy comes. That is when I can put my claws away and watch my plans unravel with joy in knowing God has better plans.

What do you do when your plans unravel? Let me know.