Letting Go


Welcome everyone. I have the honor of posting as a guest on Held. You can find that post here. If you are visiting from Held, this post is about one of my kids. Just wanted a fair warning to you dealing with infertility. I am praying for you all and glad you stopped by.

Today my husband and I will let our L go. Sleep induced by doctor administered medications. A doctor will escort her to a sterilized room and doctors with sterilized instruments will remove her tonsils.

This is only one of many letting go’s. Birthing her into the world, watching as she learned to crawl, walk, talk. Letting go as she went to Sunday School for the first time–then preschool and now kindergarten. We let go so she can grow.

Oh, but letting go means I let go bits of my heart. I am uniquely tied to her as a mother is tied differently to each of her children. The letting go pulls at those ties, but it also strengthens them. Ties that are not tested atrophy. The letting go strengthens our relationship and her confidence. Sometimes letting go involves a little push. As a mama bird nudges her baby bird from the lest that he may fly, so I nudge my L that she may learn to fly.

Sometimes in letting go they return to us injured–a skinned knee, a broken heart, a sore throat. The letting go gives freedom to come back. Freedom to know where to go when they fall down. Freedom to grow and learn in ways I never would imagine. Yet always tied to us as parents through love and the life lessons we have taught them.

Will you pray for my L as we let her go today? Pray for her doctors, nurses, and family. Pray that God will have His way and that she heals quickly.

Is there something you need to let go? How can I pray for you?