An Orphan…

My girl’s attitude problem began with cooler weather. I informed her the high temperature would only be in the 60’s (Fahrenheit about 16-18 degrees Celsius) and she was not allowed to wear shorts. She did not accept this information graciously and allowed her frustration to set the tone for the rest of the morning.

“I wish I was an orphan,” she crossed her arms and pressed her lips together.

I gaped at her dumbfounded. My mind churned with imagines, truths beyond her knowledge, reaching for what to say in return. In that silent moment God whispered to my heart, “You say the same thing to me. Every time you question and fight against what I bring into your life. You cross your arms and tell me you wish you were an orphan.”

Is it true that when I don’t like God’s direction that I throw fits? I pout and complain that I don’t like His authority in my life? Am I the only one?

We arch our backs when He says forgive as I have forgiven you. We push against His boundaries for sex and alcohol. We wonder how far is too far. Instead of seeing God as our loving Father who knows what is best for us we act like being an orphan is better.

Just like my daughter, we do not even understand what we would give up to be orphans. We want all the benefits and rights of being an heir without having a Father. Heaven, yes please. Rules that are for my best, but that may require self-denial, no way. God’s protection and provision is expected, but we don’t want Him messing up our plans.

Instead we need to thank God for His law. We need to praise Him for what He brings into our lives.

How do we do that? We need to read Psalm 119. The Psalmist tells us about God’s word. It is his delight, it is his feast. May God’s word be those things for us as well. May God’s word be our guide, compass, and delight. Then we can delight in being God’s kids instead of wishing to be an orphan.

What do you think? I can’t wait to hear.