Yes His Name is George


Monday. I prepared for it with trepidation. L was only five days post tonsillectomy. She did so well, but I felt concerned about sending her to school. I made sure I had her medicine ready to go, lunches prepared, and backpacks packed. We were ready.

I checked through all their papers Sunday night. I signed all the papers that needed signed. I even remembered to include the $1 for J’s field trip on Tuesday. I was sure I was prepared.

Monday morning dawned and it was a rough one for my L. Her throat and ears hurt from her surgery. Frustration flowed all around, but we made it to school. I even remembered it was E’s honor’s chapel and stayed to watch her receive awards.

Then I took J to school. He carefully carried in his plush hippo for nap time. As I checked him I realized today was our letter “G” day. I closed my eyes and shook my head. I forgot. My inner voice started in at me.

You FAILED. You can’t even remember to bring something that starts with the letter G for your son’s school. You are a BAD mother.

One of his teachers was at the door. She nodded at J’s hippo, “Does he have a name?”

I shook my head. “J do you want to name your hippo George?”

J bobbed his head up and down and flashed a huge grin.

“Yes, his name is George,” I smirk at his teacher.

Later as I recounted my story to a friend. I told her this week his name is George, but next week he will be Henry or Isaac or Edmond whichever letter we need. We laughed and as I left J’s school I heard God whisper to my heart. “In Me you are enough. You are not perfect, but you are enough. There is grace for you.”

Do you have a hard time giving yourself grace? Do you beat yourself up when you don’t do it the “right way?” Today when you start to beat yourself up and rehearse all the mistakes you made, instead remind yourself that there is “no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” And yes his name is George…today. 😉