How to be a Worship Leader


“Sing wif me mommy,” he begged from his car seat. His voice rose above the music as he sung, “A…Admit to God you’re a sinner. Repent and turn from you sin. B…Believe that Jesus is God’s Son and that He came into the world to save everyone. C…Confess your faith in Jesus as your Savior and your Lord and choose to live for Him forevermore…”

My voice joined his. I love to sing especially praises to God and even more to sing praises with my boy. My heart swelled with joy.

Here is where we meet God in grateful worship. In singing the awe of His plan of salvation. Here is where my heart breaks open in praise that He would forgive me, the chief of sinners. Oh how I need grace and to hear it sung by my three-year-old. Oh to hear the truth sung by him before he understands the truth of his words. God’s grace flooded my tan van as we drove down the road.

Then my little man asked, “Is my voice beautiful mommy?”

“Yes,” I said aloud, but my mind continued with words he would not yet understand. Yes son beautiful and truthful and strong. Oh that you would grasp the beauty and truth at a young age and live in humble obedience a life filled with God’s grace.

“Mommy my voice has flowers in it.”

Tears nearly surfaced and my heart overflowed again, “Yes son. Beautiful flowers.”

His voice has the flowers of God’s grace in it. His desire to worship God at a tender age draws me to worship God too. My son a worship leader at the age of three.

May we all stand in awe of Yaweh. The God who made the Earth, who holds the universe together, and who loves sinners like us. Oh that we would draw others to worship. We don’t have to sing, we just need to tell others what God is doing in our lives. Then we lead others to worship God.

How do we do that?

We ask God to give us eyes to see His hand in our lives.

Then we pray for opportunities to tell of the great things God is doing in our lives.

When we tell others about what God is doing in our lives, we welcome them to worship Him too.

Will you join my three-year-old and lead others to worship by having flowers in your voice? The flowers of God’s provision, direction, and grace in your life.

Will you share what God is doing in your life now?