Giving Thanks…


Hello friends. Today I am featured on Dawn Aldrich’s blog. You can check out my post here. If you are visiting from Dawn’s blog so glad you stopped by.


My alarm goes off. I roll over and hit snooze. Again. Closing my eyes I welcome the blackness of sleep.

In what seems seconds my alarm starts again, but this time I hear it. “Lead me to the cross where Your love poured out…” My heart swells as I attempt to shake the fog of sleep out of my mind.

This is how I need to wake up–in thanks for what God has done for me and pleading God lead me to the cross.

Most mornings I groan and pull the sheets back over me. I am not ready to meet the morning. Yet here as I first rouse my attitude for the day is set. I can choose to see the morning as my enemy or make it a time that I beg God to lead me. Lead me to the cross so I live in humble gratitude all day long.

This ringtone was not my idea. When I updated my phone’s software my alarm tone changed and it made all the difference.


What do you do to help you remember to give thanks?