Something New

Nine hours in the car gives you lots of family time–family togetherness. Kids beg to watch DVD after DVD and whine about their siblings breathing. The parent in the front passenger seat throws snacks to the kids and asks if they can hold “it” for thirty more minutes. Don’t judge us, there aren’t many places to stop between Amarillo and Oklahoma City.
While driving I finished listening to David Platt’s book Radical. I realize Radical is not a new book and yes I am that far behind. However the book struck a chord in my heart.

Am I living a radical life because of what Jesus did for me? Am I seeking to spread the news that Jesus purchased our pardon? Am I praying for the harvest?

I realized that my answer to many of those questions was no. So I am making changes and as God ordained my husband wants to make changes too.

1. We plan to be more strategic with the money God gives us. We will discuss how much and who more often. We will look at what we are giving currently to assure we are giving where God is working.

2. We plan to go together as a family on a mission trip during 2012. We don’t have the where hammered out, but we are praying, dreaming, brainstorming together, as a family.

3. I found a resource (through Radical) to help me keep a global focus. Operation World offers resources to help us pray for the world. They have books, CD’s, DVD’s, maps, and online resources to help us pray for workers to go into the harvest and for unreached people groups.

4. The Joshua Project offers tools to help us pray for unreached people groups. If you look in the right-hand column of my blog, you will see a Joshua project unreached people group for the day. Come back every day and pray with me for these folks who don’t know Jesus.

What is your something new you are doing to live radically for Jesus in 2012?