When I Mess Up…AGAIN…


I thought I had today together. I had thought about it and planned it in my head and then it happened.

I realized I double booked myself. I was getting my bag ready for church and looked at my appointment card.

“Monday?!?” I shook my head. “I thought my appointment was on Tuesday.”

Monday morning at 9:30 all three Mackey kids have dentist appointments. On Friday I got the news or maybe I just realized that Monday morning was also honors chapel for E.

So here is what I have done this morning…

Hit snooze or set my timer for nearly an hour after I originally set my alarm…Don’t judge me my alarm was set for 5 AM and I woke up with a headache.

Read my Bible. Job is quite the challenge at 6 AM…There are so many wonderful things in that book and so many things I wrestle with as well.

Skipped my shower…I got one yesterday.

Got kids ready. There was some yelling and fussing, but overall it was uneventful. Realized I couldn’t go to the store when I wanted to because I had to go to E’s honors chapel.

Made it to school on time. Sat through honors chapel with E and J. Well…I left after E’s class went I needed to get to the store or my family wouldn’t get dinner.

Ran to the store for a few things. On the way I realized my low fuel light was on. SIGH.

Went home (left J in the locked car). Put chicken in the crock-pot, milk in the fridge, peanut butter and jelly are still on the floor in the kitchen.

Next we raced to the gas station to fill-up. Praising God for easy traffic and no wait at the gas station.

Then we went to the school to pick up E and L for the dentist.

We made it to the dentist on time at 9:30. I remembered to call J’s school to say he will be late AND to call my dentist and reschedule for tomorrow…

WHEW! Praise God because this morning I kept thinking this is impossible. I should have known better…

This morning in the kids’ devotion book Jesus Calling for Kids by Sarah Young, we read “Nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Nothing is impossible with God even mornings filled with what seems impossible. I pray we all live our lives knowing all our circumstances are possible because God is ABLE.