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Stories. Our lives are full of them. Interwoven stories that bind us to others, divide us from some, and leave impressions on our hearts.

Stories that are not mine to tell, but that I live out. I live my part of supportive wife, encouraging friend, loving daughter-in-law, praying sister, admiring daughter, and the list goes on.

Stories I write in my head, in my heart, sometimes on a journal page. {I am a terrible journal keeper.}

The author and finisher of all these stories is God. He knows the beginning, the interwoven parts, how one person’s story indirectly affects thousands of people. He sees it all.

While we see only see one small part of the story. Maybe a shining joyous moment or a difficult grieving valley. God knows them all and sees how the moments – both joy and pain – work together into something beautiful and glorifying to Him.

At times I don’t see God’s glory amidst the pain. Honestly the world looks like a terrible mess. Poverty, sex trafficking, slavery, hunger, famine, violent crime, child abuse…My stomach sinks and my heart rises to my throat. How in this story does God show His glory?

I don’t know and I am in good company. Job 26:14 says “…And these are but the outer fringe of His works; how faint the whisper we hear of Him! Who then can understand the thunder of His power?” We are nearly deaf and blind to God’s work. We cannot even comprehend the simple things He is doing much less when He works in thunderous power.

God’s story is His amazing redemption of our pain and grief. I have hope in that. God authors and perfects all the stories. I just have to trust Him.

May we seek to trust God in all our circumstances, knowing He is at work to redeem our pain and grief to make something beautiful.