What to do with Frustration


Yesterday I had a guest post Known By a New Name on the Encouragement Cafe blog. I’d love it if you would visit their place and check out my post.

Now down to business:

2012 and my year to “GO” has been frustrating to say the least.

Frustrating because I am allowing my inner dialog and inner sloth to take over my go and turn it into a stop.

The dialog that tells me, “it is too hard. So why try?”

When I stumble my sloth encourages me to make mud pies instead of being productive for the kingdom.

When time speeds by and I don’t get done what I planned to get done my self-talk beats me up, “you messed up again.”

I know I am not alone in this struggle. The struggle to stay present when it is easier to go to auto-pilot. Fighting to keep Christ my focus when circumstances, people, and kids distract.

I forget that this Christian life is a relationship. It is quality time on my knees, in His word, and staying connected to Him throughout the day.

Why do I forget?

So here I am going to renew some goals I did not quite finish last year.

1. Spend time on my knees in prayer every day. I pray every day, but not always on my knees. It is time to start this again.

2. Finish memorizing the book of James. I only have one chapter to go. I need to finish it and review some verses that I already have memorized to keep them fresh.

3. First thing in the morning read God’s word. Don’t wait until evening. I need my morning time with God.

4. Give God glory, praise, thanks, and adoration in every moment of every day.

5. Study God’s word, not only read it.

What are some goals you set to keep yourself close to God and doing what He wants you to do?