I am easily distracted. If you came to my house you would see evidence of how quickly I move from thing to thing. My dishwasher stands open partially emptied, I have stacks of mail scattered on my counters and two different tables in my living room. Toys I didn’t remind my kids to pick up are strewn about the floor. Two empty “fun sized” bags of chips lay on end tables, and on the end of my kitchen table sit two craft projects in different states of done-ness. My laundry room is full of clean clothes I never get put away.

I realize that some of my distraction comes in the form of three children (8 years and younger). Some of my flightiness comes from my inability to schedule time well. The rest comes from two other places:

1. Sloth. Yes I tend to laziness because of my desire to do all things perfectly. If I can’t do it right I just don’t want to do it ever. I either over-estimate the time it takes to do something and I can never do it because I would never have time OR I under-estimate and I get started, but have to stop.

2. When something becomes difficult, I don’t want to work on it. I want everything to be easy. How do I know? At least three times while writing this post I got frustrated and switched to check my e-mail or facebook so I didn’t have to work on this post. Sad but true.

The problem is that Hebrews 12:2 tells us to, “…fix our eyes on Jesus…” We are not to just gaze at Jesus when it is easy or when we have nothing else to do. No God tells us to always fix our eyes steadfastly on Him. Even when I would rather curl up in a ball and watch a movie or just stay in bed God says to keep looking at Jesus. When I don’t understand and I struggle with dark difficult times God’s word says fix my eyes on Jesus. Keep Him in my mind’s eye all day every day. Don’t be distracted, remain focused.

When I keep Jesus in focus I know God is present. His presence offers peace, hope, and rest if I keep Him in focus. But how do I keep sloth and dark times from distracting me? I seek to be grateful for all the things God has given me. Gratefulness spurs me to action instead of sloth. I make a conscious choice to praise God in all times. When I praise God I am not looking at my dark times, instead I focus on Him.

What do you do to help you stay focused on Jesus?