Hospitality the Vlog that Wasn’t


I was thinking I need to do another vlog. It has been a LONG time since I spoke to you all. 😉

So I sat down to record and this is what I saw:


Uh…So it has been a long day and yes I am wearing a cute hat, but I just couldn’t get the light right to make the vlog work…Be thankful you didn’t see the other picture…YIKES… 😉

Here is a better shot of the hat…It really is cute…

So instead of a vlog, I am showing you crazy pictures of myself. I am sure you appreciate that…Ahem.

Tonight I had some friends over – coffee, coffee cake, fellowship, and laughter. I need to do it more often. Have folks over in my house eating food. I’ll be real here…My counters have piles of mail, notebooks, and papers on them. I didn’t have time to hide them or address them. The island in my kitchen has an assortment of toys, craft supplies, lip balm, a doll with a missing limb, among other items. Yet I opened my front door willingly, excitedly, and expectantly.

I am not perfect, but let me encourage you. God doesn’t say “practice hospitality” (Romans 12:13) when your house is perfectly organized, spotless, and decorated to the nines. He doesn’t even say be a hospitality diva. Have it all figured out before your guests get there. Plan for every possible occurrence. God doesn’t expect us to do hospitality perfect or right because He tells us to “practice” it.

I used to think hospitality was too hard. It involved planning ahead, lots of food, centered around some activity or theme. What I have learned is sitting around my kitchen table with a group of women who just need friendship is enough.

My practice of letting folks into my never-perfectly-kept house blesses me far above those I invite. We laugh hard and encourage each other. We gather to share our lives and we come away filled by Him who is always in our midst. We come away lighter for bearing each other’s burdens. And God in His way knits our hearts together…Community in a bunch of laughing women. Community as we share our burdens. Community in my unorganized house.

I want to keep on practicing this hospitality thing…Will you join me?

What keeps you from “practicing hospitality?” What can you do to change that?