Peace in Christ…

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Yesterday I wrote about how easy isn’t necessarily better and how Jesus told us we would have trouble, but we could have peace in Him.

Today as I drove my kids to school I wondered about peace in Christ. I was stressing out about things I could not control – schedules that blossomed, puppies that need to be trained, kids that I don’t want the puppies to hurt, folks I love sick or hurting, and what if I made a mistake. I was casting all my chips on me again. As if I need to help God in order to deserve His love and peace.

Somehow I still believe I have to make things happen when in reality only God can do those things. Yes I am responsible for my actions, but God is responsible for the results. I can’t make good things happen or not happen. I can do things to set myself up for success or failure, but the results are God’s. He decides when and how success comes, He chooses when and how long we need to be in the fire. He never leaves us in the fire too long. He is good and faithful.

That is where peace comes. Peace in God when I trust Him for the results and obediently step out in faith. When I trust Him to give me wisdom I can see the road ahead and trust Him for the twists and turns.

As it turns out peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit. So that means God’s Spirit must grow it in me, all I am responsible for is clinging to the vine so He can produce fruit. How does fruit come? Through a budding process, painful and full. Then a bursting forth of a beautiful flower, but God isn’t done yet. Next we have to let go of the flower, watch its petals fall and then more stretching and birthing. The fruit finally bursts forth, but it must ripen. Only then can we say God produced fruit in us. Through the stretching, bursting forth, letting go, more stretching, and finally ripening.

Growing fruit isn’t an easy process and we cannot do it ourselves. No, it is God in us who produces fruit as we cling to Him.

Are you ready to let go of your chips and throw them all on God – giving Him the responsibility for the results? Let’s cling to Him so He can create peace in us.