Humbled by the Israelites


When I read about the Israelites in the Old Testament I shake my head in wonder. Those folks are hard-headed. They turn from God the second things get tough, they complain, then the beg for forgiveness. Yet every time I read about those folks I learn more about how wayward I am and often they humble me.

Recently they humbled me. Exodus 4:31 says, “…And when they [the Israelites] heard that the LORD was concerned about them and had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshiped.”

These people had been slaves for over 400 years. They were told by their ancestors that God had promised them some land, but all these people knew was hard labor. Yet when Moses and Aaron told them that God (YAHWEH) was concerned about them and noticed their misery they worshiped.

I know my attitude when I need help and feel like no one is helping. Once someone finally jumps in and helps I roll my eyes and say, “It is about time.” I may even insert some sort of snap or head bob.

But here a whole nation is in slavery and when they hear that God is concerned for them and noticed their misery they worship. How often do I thank God because He notices when I am having a bad day? Ummm…Next question. Do I even consider how insignificant I am in the grand scheme of the cosmos? (You mean the universe doesn’t revolve around me?) Have I ever worshiped God for taking notice of me? Or am I too busy keeping track of how I “should be treated?” Am I so comfortable with a God who loved me enough to send His Son that I miss how scandalous it is for God to notice me?

Psalm 103:14 says, “[God] remembers that we are dust.” Would it do us good to remember where we came from? We are just dirt people in desperate need of God to take notice of us and save us from ourselves. Oh may we never forget and never get comfortable with the fact God takes notice of us. May we stay in awe of Him who holds the universe together and loves us dirt-people enough to send His Son.

Thank You God for taking notice of me.