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Hello to all of you came from the Encouragement Cafe. I pray God blessed you and I hope you enjoy my little piece of cyber-space.

Holy. In some circles that word is synonymous with self-righteousness. I lived on the tall tower of self-righteousness for a long time until God’s grace toppled my tower.

I lived with the smug knowledge I figured out I needed a savior. I was smart enough to know that and anyone who didn’t realize he or she needed a savior was not as smart as I was. I acted as if I only needed a little mercy. I missed God’s grace and mercy. Instead I climbed my self-made tower and shook my head at folks who couldn’t see their need for Jesus.

Staying on that tower wasn’t easy. I did mental gymnastics so when I did sin it was smaller than those who were walking far from Christ. I judged others as guilty excusing my own guilt. I was holy.

The truth about holiness is we can only reflect God’s holiness. We can never be holy in our own strength. God has to set us apart by indwelling us. It is His Spirit that empowers us and makes us different. Second we can only reflect God’s perfect holiness when we are empowered by the Spirit in us. Finally when we spend time with God we actually look different. Much like Moses radiated God’s glory after He met God, our faces shine from the light of His glory. But all true holiness comes from God not some crazy tower we try to keep up.

True holiness is attractive not judgmental. Holiness comes from God not from us. Our God is holy, holy, holy. Pretty amazing isn’t it?