My dogs crack me up…They are insane…Don’t believe me? Check out their insanity…


Lucy {the one that gets on top of the play set} sits self-assured and pleased with herself. Maggie takes a few steps up the play set, but gets nervous and heads back down. Then from the ground she whines and fusses at her sister. In fact she even tries to keep Lucy from climbing back up the play set.

Is this not what we do in life? We look at someone at the top of the play set. This person may be thin or have the job we want or the ministry we desire. She may drive the car we long for, have the amount of kids we want, or just great hair. We sit at the bottom of the play set and whine.

Why? Well doing the work it takes to get up to the top is hard and scary. Besides we tell ourselves she {the person on the top of the play set} certainly never had to deal with the things we did. Going up the play set comes easy for her.

We try to keep them on the ground with us. We tell them how crazy they are for going up the play set. Wouldn’t they prefer to stay safely on the ground? We lecture them on safety or moderation all the while wishing we had the guts to go up the play set.

Instead shouldn’t we cheer these people on? Maybe even ask how they made it up the play set? Perhaps in encouraging and cheering those on the play set ahead of us, we will gain courage and strength for our own journey up the play set.

Today I challenge you to encourage someone you consider at the top of the play set. Send them a text, comment on their blog, post on their Facebook page, share a Facebook comment or even tweet them. Perhaps cheering others on will give you the courage to take the next step up the play set.