Crazy Fun Weekend…

We had a full weekend.

Our first time in the pool.

Friends over on Saturday.

A birthday party for my little boy on Sunday.

I turned in my first assignment of a new writing course I enrolled in.

So my blog got put on the back burner. I did want to share this short story with you.

My J turned four and wanted a Star Wars birthday party. About a year ago I bought some Star Wars cupcake wrappers and toothpicks with characters on them. So I asked J what kind of cupcakes he wanted. His answer was strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing. I reminded him that his icing would be pink, but he didn’t mind. I figured pink cupcakes with Star Wars figures on top would not be a bad deal. On Saturday I the Star Wars cupcake wrappers were no where to be found. So I thanked God and my sister for Pinterest and this Star Wars cupcake idea. In fact my husband loved the idea so much, he drew on the marshmallows with the food coloring marker. Here is how ours turned out–pink icing and storm trooper helmet.

They tasted wonderful…I hope you have a great Monday filled with nice things like Trooper cupcakes with pink icing. 😉