My Friend and Her Book

I am so excited to tell you about my friend and her new book for moms.

Having one of those days where you finding yourself hiding in the bathroom or closet just for a few extra moments of peace? Then chaos abounds as little fingers clamor under the door to get your attention; Heather Riggleman has been there. In her book Mama Needs A Time Out; she shares her early experiences of mothering and wondered how to connect with a God who has so many different names.

On her parenting journey, she shares the antics of her strong-willed son, including blue sparkle tooth paste messes, bathtub farts, and explaining her son’s perspectives to his preschool teacher.

Heather has three children, two with special needs; she married her high school sweetheart, serves as a coordinator and field leader for MOPS (, and is currently blazing a new trial with an online talk show of sorts, If anything, she knows what it’s like to be pulled in a million different directions on a daily basis. Heather offers insight to find God in the trenches of motherhood.

Throughout her mothering journey, she has learned to know God intimately as Healer, Shepherd, Judge, Peace, and Refuge. Mama Needs A Time-Out offers personal insight of going deeper with God. These short devotions and stories help you laugh at life’s most embarrassing moments, provide a unique view of God being with you in the midst of your worst moments, and help put things back into perspective.

Mama Needs A Time-Out is your daily getaway, book-ended by Scripture, Heather’s “been-there-and-done-that” transparency and tips for moms are a great way to refresh your spirit—you know, the sleep-deprived, squabbling-refereeing, hormone-crazed, woman your kids refer to as, “Mom.”

So if you’re in need of a time out, solid Biblical teaching, and a moment or two with God, this book is just for!~

Heather says the reason she wrote this book is she was desperate for God’s companionship and intrigued by all His names in the Scriptures. How can a mom who is being pulled in a million different directions be able to build an intimate relationship with God?

That question in itself, she learned on a daily basis when her preschoolers were infants and toddlers. She discovered we can know God intimately, even when we are folding socks, shuttling kids everywhere, and even when our baby is crying non-stop, He is there! She wanted moms to learn what she did about our faithful God.

You can buy Heather’s book on  Amazon or eChristian.

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