Praying Scripture: Pray Continually Day 5

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Have you tried praying scripture before? What I mean is using scripture as your guide or direction as you pray.

Praying scripture is powerful because we know God’s word is His will for our lives. God’s word holds promises for us, but sometimes we miss the point of the promises. For instance I have heard folks pray like this:

“God, You promised in Your word no weapon formed against me will prosper so I believe now I will be healed of cancer.”

It is true God’s word does promise “no weapon formed against you will prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). However we have to remember God’s ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8). Cancer may bring physical death to the man or woman who prays this, but God brings victory in other ways. The weapon of cancer can only kill the body, but not the spirit and not for eternity. It will not prosper even if it results in physical death.

There are other examples of praying God’s word. I love praying about the armor of God as I shower each day. While I wash my hair I pray the “helmet of Salvation” will protect my mind and thoughts. I also ask God to remind me it is by His grace I have been saved and not by works so I extend grace to others. As I clean my feet I pray every where I go I am ready to share “the gospel of peace.” I pray I will live in peace with God and man as I share Jesus’ love and grace to a world hungry for Him.

Consider praying God grow the fruit of the Spirit in your life. Remember this is not fruit you can produce yourself. This fruit only comes from God’s Spirit. Praying He grows patience and kindness and gentleness in your life are wonderful ways to pray scripture.

Using God’s names as you speak to Him can be humbling and comforting. When you feel invisible pray to the God who sees you. If you can’t see a way through or out of your situation pray to the God who is able. When you struggle knowing what to do next pray to the God who has plans for you. Over all our prayers we also need to pray like Jesus did and pray “…not my will, but Yours [God’s] be done.

Praying scripture is powerful. What scriptures do you pray?