Return to Me


As I read through Amos 4 this week a phrase struck me. It was repeated five times in the short chapter.

God said, “. . .yet you have not returned to me.”

God mentions hunger, drought, thirst, famine, plagues, and war. He takes credit for all the terrible things and then He simply says, “. . .yet you have not returned to me.”

Perhaps God has plans for the difficulties in our lives. My friend Tyler wrote about struggles, I love her perspective. God sent the struggles we all face for a purpose – so we will return to Him.

Perhaps we haven’t really strayed from God, but maybe we have lost our first love. Maybe we are trying to make a way for ourselves instead of rest on Him. Maybe we have strayed far and wide – walking with purpose away from our Heavenly Father. God doesn’t want His sheep to wander. He sends the storms and difficulties so we will return to Him.

His mercy amazes me. I would send the storms as punishment, but He sends them to restore our relationship. It is His mercy that sends the struggle. His grace invites us to return. I feel humbled He loves me enough to pursue me when I leave Him.

In the struggle may I remember God is gently calling, “Return to Me.”

Father God thank You for pursuing me when I wander from You. Amen.