As Time Slips Away

These moments are slipping away.

I rocked my boy today because tomorrow he may not let me.

I held my oldest child's hand because soon she will be too big.

I picked up my middle girl because soon she will be too big.

The moments slip, but each new moment holds something good, something different.

I invited friends over for lunch even though my house was a mess because now may be all we have.

I winked at my husband and massaged his neck because he needs my love now.

I smiled at the messy floors and piles of laundry because they need me more than a perfectly kept house.

I decided to savor this summer, still it speeds by.

My heart squeezes as I think of all I want my kids to learn and experience before they leave my house.

Time slips and I don't want to waste any more moments.

So I pray. . .for wisdom so I use the time God gives me wisely. I also pray for revival in my heart that I may live a radical life for Jesus. Then I pray for the Holy Spirit to move in a mighty way that many will come to know God.

What are you doing as time slips by you?