Breathe Out

“Humph,” my L grunted as she took a breath while swimming. “Humph.” Her grunts came closer together the longer she swam.

Neither her swimming instructor nor I could figure out why she grunted. The next time she did her freestyle down the length of the pool I watched her carefully. As she turned her head to take a breath she pushed air out of her lungs and grunted.

Ah, she was holding her breath as she swam instead of allowing air to escape as bubbles through her nose. When she turned her head to breathe in she couldn't take a breath because she hadn't let the last breath out.

Then it hit me. I do the same thing. I enjoy a stage of life or a ministry God gave me. I breathe in, but I am unwilling to let that breath go. This breath, ministry, stage of life is good. I don't want to let it go. Soon I have to take another breath, but there is no space for something new. Perhaps my next life giving ministry, stage of life, job, whatever is only beyond me letting the current breath out. Giving room to fill my lungs with something new or different God has for me.

Can I trust God enough to let go of the breath I have knowing He will give me the next life giving breath–the next stage, ministry, purpose, job, relationship?

God is trustworthy. Will I let go of the breath–the dreams–I have and trust God to give me something new and completely of Him? I pray I will…