You wouldn’t believe it to see them, but these two dogs are destructive.

In the short seven months they have called my home theirs, they have done nearly $1,000 worth of damage to my backyard and ruined several of my children’s t-shirts. They dig holes, whine in their crates, kill small animals, and nip my kids (although they are better about that now). One of them is so stubborn she figured out the underground fence only shocks for seven seconds. So she took the shock and then went where ever she wanted to go.

That is until we got her the collar intended for dogs who weigh 200 lbs. Then she decided the shock wasn’t worth it.

They are destructive and I invite them into my home.

Sure they are cute and they do love me and my family. They are soft and cuddly. BUT they are destructive.

Sometimes there are things in life I invite in my house like these dogs. These things are destructive because they steal my time or my joy. They may look harmless and cute (like my dogs), but they are plain destructive.

Perhaps I invite books or stories that steal me from being present for my family. Maybe it is a video game or social media. I swing wide the door of ministry without making sure I am doing only what God has for me to do. I become so busy I miss my first ministry, my family. I bow down to the idol of busy-ness. Sure that if I check off enough boxes each day I will be a good mom, wife, sister, friend, whatever. When in reality I am inviting destruction of my health, family relationships and even the ministry God calls me to.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ 2 Corinthians 10:5

Here it is. . . Taking captive our thoughts so they are obedient to Christ. Not inviting times to turn our brains off, but turning our thoughts to Christ. Keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Looking to the truth and not the lies eating away at our hearts and destroying our faith. Clinging to God’s promises, God’s word, and not inviting destruction, but life. Inviting a victorious life because our thoughts are obedient to God.

Do you invite destruction? I know I do. I invite in movies, books, to-do lists. What do you do to take your thoughts captive and kick destruction to the curb? Leave a comment.


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