Slowing Down Memory Monday

It is Memory Monday. . .

“Do you know why I want you to memorize Scripture?” I asked the fifth and sixth grade girls in my small group. I looked at each of their faces. “I don’t want you to memorize Scripture because it makes God happy or for just knowledge. I want you to memorize Scripture because it is the truth.”

I nodded my head. “Your heart will tell you lies, this world will tell you lies, but God’s Word is truth. Jeremiah 17:9 says, ‘The heart is deceitful above all else and desperately sick. Who can understand it?’ So your heart will lie to you. You need to know the truth so you can combat those lies. . . Have you ever felt like no one loves you?”

They reluctantly nod.

“The truth is God loves you. People will tell you things are ok, but God calls it sin. . .”

“So. . . I’m not ugly?” one of my girls asked.

My eyes lit up. “No, you are not. In fact God’s word in Psalm 139 says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. That is the truth.”

Truth. We miss out on God’s truth when we don’t think of the Bible as God’s word. God’s word without error. The absolute truth. I realize it is not popular to say this, but God chose to reveal Himself through His Word. We can’t know God if we don’t know His word. It is easier to live for God when we have His Word memorized.

The truth, God’s truth, about who He is and how to serve Him. Yes without His Word we are flailing around serving an idol we think is God rather than serve the One True God.

This is why I want us to memorize Scripture together. This is why I challenge you to get God’s Word in Your heart.

However in my effort to encourage, I think I have pushed too far. We need to slow down the challenges so we can get God’s Word in our hearts.

So this week we will review Psalm 103 this week. The next two weeks will go back over Psalm 121. Let me know if we need more time to do this. I want to make sure these verses stay in our minds and hearts.