The Light of Day

I found myself and my three kids in a very smelly bathroom that only had two stalls. (It is ok you can go ahead and snicker. . . I know you are laughing at me)

When we first walked in the bathroom E dashed into the first stall and L tried to take the second. I told L that her brother was the one who said he had to go and he might have an accident. So after a few minutes that looked like a Chinese fire drill – bathroom style – J was in the bathroom stall.

I sighed. We made it! Now to get out of here so we don't miss being called for the x-ray. It was only a finger, but we had already waited 20 minutes.

J screamed interrupting my seconds long reverie. Apparently he wanted to stand, but the toilet was taller than him. Once I finally wrestled him onto the toilet seat, he cried because the bathroom smelled bad. Despite his continued screams he finished his business.

As I attempted to wash J's hands, L stepped into the bathroom stall and could not get the door to lock. So I stood on my right foot holding the door shut with my left foot. In that position, I washed my boy's hands with one hand and held my i-Pad with the other.

At some point E came out of the first stall to wash her hands. I had to put my foot down so she could get to a sink. When I put my foot down the stall swung open enraging L. In the melee my i-Pad fell to the floor with a crash. As I pick it up off the floor, L starts gagging and crying about the smell.

Somehow we made it out of the bathroom in one piece and with a functioning i-Pad.

As we sat back down in the waiting room, my heart fluttered and my nerves felt frayed. I thought that getting the X-ray done would calm me, but it didn't. I drove away with hands clinched to the steering wheel and stress oozing out of every pore.

Somehow I thought if things went the way I wanted I would be ok. Certainly life is easier when it goes my way – when a visit to the bathroom is not eventful and waits are not long. But my hope is not my circumstances, my hope is in the God who works all circumstances out for my good.

I wish I could say I figured this out right away. Instead I let stress hang about me and got cranky. My words prickled and stung. It is only in the light of day God gave me this perspective.

Has God used the light of day to help you see something about a circumstance or your behavior? Do you want to share?