Because This Really Got Me Wednesday

It is Wednesday again. Where did the week go?

This week I have been chewing on the holiness of God again. Yes I can’t get away from how different He is than us. He doesn’t change (James 1:17b), His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8), even the heavenly beings announce it (Isaiah 6:2-3). He is pure and different and good. I my heart swells at the thought.

In the past I have used the words “in spite of God’s holiness, He bends low to have relationship with us.” That just doesn’t ring true in this God who does not change and is so holy different. Peter Leithart says, “I teach my theology students to be “because of” theologians rather than “in spite of” theologians. God is immanent not in spite of His transcendence, but because of His transcendence. The Son became man not in spite of His sovereign Lordship, but because He is Lord, as the most dramatic expression of His absolute sovereignty. Creation does not contradict God’s nature, but expresses it.” So it is God’s holiness that makes Him present in our lives or “immanent.” God’s otherness or holiness is the reason He wraps Himself in flesh. It isn’t that He comes to Earth to hang out with sinful rabble in spite of how holy He is. He comes to earth to hang out with us broken folks because He is holy and rules all.

Do you see then we can praise God for being holy and different from us because it is His holiness that makes it possible for Him to be near us. It is His holiness that causes Him to create and reach out in love. This really really got me this week and this idea urges me to worship the holy, holy, holy God who is so different than us and so near.

What really got you this week? Can you link-up with me? I can’t wait to hear what God is teaching you. I also linked up at Women Living Well today…