A Prayer For the Crazy

Hello friends…Just wanted to tell you I am speaking at a ladies retreat for Concord Baptist Church in Van Buren this weekend. I am super excited about what God has laid on my hearts. I am praying for God to really show up and as tobyMac says “steal my show.” Would you join me in praying that this retreat will be a sweet time of fellowship, rest, and growth in the Lord? Thanks friends.

This week has been filled with crazy. No day has gone the way I thought it would and every time I turn around it seems something is not going the way I thought it would or should. I think Satan is trying to distract me and my family during this week. Yet in the middle of the crazy I have felt God’s peace that passes understanding. So today I want to pray for all you reading this as you deal with the crazy.

Precious Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your holiness, omnipotence, and omniscience. You are beyond our comprehension and we are thankful for that. Father God so many of us have the crazy going on in life. Plans change, job politics grate, and everyone seems to need something from us. Sometimes it feels like we are running in circles and not accomplishing anything. It is easy to get caught up in the crazy circumstances of life and not rest in You. Father help us to not stress about what isn’t going our way. We can’t control it anyway. Help us to remember in the crazy You are there with Your plan for our good. You are guiding and directing the crazy to accomplish Your will. Father may we be willing to learn from You in the midst of the stress and chaos. Help us to come to You weary and heavy-laden that You may give us rest. Remind us that Your yoke is easy so we need not burden ourselves with things we cannot control. Please give us Your peace that passes understanding. Thank You that You do not give as the world gives, but Your gifts last and sustain us. Help us to see Your gifts of grace and humbly thank You for all You give us. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.