God’s Perfect Plan and a Prayer for You

My phone rang at 4:00 AM yesterday morning. Groggily, I rolled over and answered it. An automated voice answered my weary “Hello?”

“This is an important call from Delta. Your flight has been cancelled.”

I already know this and took care of it last night in a 30 minute conversation that was utterly painful, my mind whirls in angry circles. I end the phone call and roll back over in bed.

A short 11 minutes later, I had already drifted back to near sleep, my phone rings again. I grab my phone and say, “Hello?”

The same automated voice answer me. So I listen this time. In stunned and angered frustration. Delta must hate me. I already took care of this. . . 

Then the automated voice said something it wasn’t supposed to say. At least not to me at 4 AM when Delta had already cancelled my original flight. In her automated voice tone she informed me, “We have rebooked you on a flight leaving Fort Smith at ________ on October 25. . .”

My heart may have stopped beating for a second and then it sped up as if I had been running three miles. Anger coursed with every heart beat, but now at this early hour of the morning, now was not the time to call and talk to someone. No I had to go back to bed.

The good news about my original cancelled flight was more time with my husband and kids before I left. After I got my kids to school I called Delta at 9:00 AM.

My voice edged  with irritation, but I knew the woman on the other end of the line did not cancel my flight nor did she book me on another flight with two layovers and a change between airlines. So I attempted to tell her my story of frustration without getting angry at her. She was kind and she understood I don’t appreciate one phone call at 4 AM much less two. Then instead of saying yes your flight is at two with two lay-overs, she said I can get you on a flight with only one layover. I think I heard the angels singing when she made that offer. And guess what? That conversation only took five minutes.

So I got on a plane and got to my destination much later than planned, but God had a plan. There  were three ladies at the airport going to the conference too. So I didn’t have to take a cab or shuttle by myself! WOO HOO! God is so good!

So I just want to pray for you my blogging friends:


Father God, thank You for Your perfect plan. We often can’t see it through our plans or irritations, but You always have a plan. Help us as we rest in the plans You have for us to trust the twists and turns You bring. Remind us that You are the God over flight plans, detours, and dreams. When things get hard, help us to seek Your glory and honor in all things. Help us to allow these detours to refine us and prepare us for what You have planned. In Jesus’ name. Amen.