God Perspective – Guest Post Dana

I am so excited to introduce you to Dana Bailey. She is a fellow M.O.M. at the M.O.M. Initiative. I know you will be blessed by her words.

God Perspective

Colossians 3:17,   And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

I recently saw a friend at church who I had not seen in a while.  I stopped to chat with her and while I listened to her I realized how much I had missed her.

She & I once served together in the mom’s ministry and then later as supervisors in the Preschool department at church. The supervisor job can be extremely stressful and one of those jobs you don’t get much thanks or appreciation for, just like serving in the mom’s ministry.  But no complaints are heard coming from her mouth.  When asked how it was going she answered, “The Lord has used this job in so many ways to teach me so much.  I’m so thankful He is letting me do this.”

I know my friend well enough to know that this really is her attitude.  She didn’t say this to impress me.  Over the years I have watched this quiet young lady serve others who were not easy to serve.  She works quietly, going about her own business in a way that is meant to please the Lord and no other.

I walked away from our brief conversation asking myself if others can say the same about me as I can say about her.  I’m not convinced they can.

How many times do I complain about a job the Lord has given me to do or complain about people I am working with?

How many times have I sat in a meeting wishing I was elsewhere?

How often do I grumble about doing the laundry or picking up after my kids?

When am I actually thankful for the opportunities the Lord has given me to minister to others or to be of encouragement?

All I do is to be done for the Lord and I am to be thankful I am doing it.

My friend makes it look so easy, but I know better.  I know it is her perspective that makes the difference.  She has a God perspective and it isn’t always easy for her.  She is in pain most of her day from a car accident 13 years ago that almost killed her. She is thankful for each day she has and each opportunity God gives her.

My friend encouraged me without even knowing it.  She inspired me to look deeper into myself and compare myself against Colossians 3:17. This is what we are should be doing for each other, living out the gospel without having to say a word! I hope and pray that others can say the same about me.  I pray my life is a life that others are encouraged and inspired by.  I pray my life is one that others will see the Word of God being lived out in.  And I pray I will have a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude for all he has blessed me with.

Dana Bailey and her family live in Texas. She enjoys blogging about her busy life with her husband, kids & ministry. You can find Dana at her blog, www.danabailey.blogspot.com