An Election Prayer

Father God, thank You for the privilege it is to live in a free country in which we have  a right to vote for the leadership of our country. Lord may we always live in gratitude for the freedoms allowed under our constitution. Thank You for being Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and President of Presidents.

I pray for the voting process. Lord that if there is voter fraud may it be discovered quickly. I pray that no one is forced, coerced, or in any way intimidated as they vote. Father protect each voter on their way to and from the polls. Help every voter have access to the polls so that their vote counts.

I pray you give wisdom to every voter as they make their choices. May You impart wisdom and peace as they vote.

Father I pray for election officials all across this nation. Help them do their jobs with integrity and honesty. May there be no shadow of impropriety over this election.

Lord God I pray for unity in this country. We are such a diverse group of people, but we are the USA. Help us to unite together for our common good. Father I pray for Your Spirit to fall on this nation. I pray for unity in the diversity in our government,  families, churches, schools, and military. I pray Your mighty, amazing, and perfect will be done.

Father be with our military troops in harm’s way. Those men and women who lay down their lives so we can vote and lay down their right to vote so we can be safe. Be with them, protect them, and bring them home safe.

Father I pray not matter the outcome of this election that Your name be glorified in this country. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.