Wisdom Comes and Memory Monday…

My mind swirls and doubts creep. Perhaps that is what I am supposed to do. . . This writing things is hard. I could do that job. I am capable. I just want to do what God wants me to do. . . Maybe. . . Maybe I was wrong.

When God gifts you and you work in those gifts people are always going to have a plan for how you are to use them. Wise, godly people will make suggestions or assumptions about when and how you should use your God-given gifts.

Sometimes I struggle to discern if I am on the wrong track or not. There are days I think I must be crazy for holding on to a dream to write and speak for God’s glory. Other days I know this is where God is leading me and I wonder. . . Am I the only one who doubts and wavers?

Then the voice of reason comes. Sometimes I like to argue with that voice especially since God often uses my husband to bring me truth. My husband encourages me, directs me, and tells me truth. He tells me when it is ok to say “no” to something and when I need to consider it further. His guidance frees me to do what God has called me to do.

Writing, speaking, and seminary are the three things God has called me to do now. On top of being a mom and the things that entails.

What is God calling you to do? How does God use people in your life to bring you wisdom?


Memory Monday…We are still working on Psalm 40…I think it is time to move on to Psalm 40:4.