A Prayer for Our Government

Father God we thank You for the USA. We thank you for the success and prosperity we have enjoyed. We thank You that You are sovereign over all the affairs of men.

Father we are concerned about the financial situation facing our nation. Lord our staggering national debt is frightening. We pray our representatives and senators can work together to find a solution. Give them wisdom and unity of mind through their diversity. Help supply supernatural wisdom in discovering the best course of action. May they work with integrity and honesty. Help these men and women seek what is best for our nation and not their own gain.

I pray that president Obama may also be surrounded by wise counsel. May his advisors seek the best for our nation and be people of integrity. Keep our president safe and draw him to Yourself. Guide his steps.

Father I pray for those who are out of work and desperately seeking employment. Help provide for them in Your way and time. Help churches and people to reach out and help those in need. May we as a country seek to help each other. May we be a nation that seeks You first.

In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.