Memory Monday on Tuesday

The phone rang as my heart nearly stopped beating and thoughts swirled in my head. The timer was counting down from 50 minutes on part one of my final for seminary. Had I forgotten the service man was coming? Did I miscalculate how long it would take for him to get here? Or did I just on pay attention?

I buzzed the serviceman in the gate and sighed. One more question. I can answer one more question. . .

“Kids can you open the front door for mommy?” I asked over my shoulder, eyes glued to my computer screen. How am I going to pass this test and get my refrigerator fixed?

After pausing their movie, all three kids trampled to the front door, left it standing open, and tromped back to the couches to restart their movie.

Finish this question then get to the door. . . I clicked a few answers and bolted to the door.

Just as the service man and his son walked through the door.

“Welcome. . . Nice to meet you,” I shake hands and walk them to the kitchen and sit down at the computer again. I hope they don’t think I am rude, but I have to finish this test!

As I attempted to finish the test one question wouldn’t let me answer it. Sweat began to form on my forehead. What am I going to do? I am so close.

I click review and it allows me to look over my answers. This time I can answer the one question I left blank. I expel a long deep breath and click finish.

My grade? 98%. I only missed one after all that crazy. That was only the beginning of my day. I discovered I did an assignment I didn’t need to do (long story, but not my fault), there was a poop story, a chewed up bucket (my puppies chewed it, not my kids), and drama over friends moving away. Thus no memory Monday post yesterday.

Through it all I discovered something. We have an enemy who wants to take the joy out of everything we do. He wants us isolated, introspective to exclusion of all else, and miserable in the things God has us doing. I decided yesterday not to fall for his trickery. Did I completely succeed? No. Will I keep up the fight? Yes, because greater is the One who is in me than the one who is in the world.

Yesterday I thanked God for a working refrigerator, for greater insight doing an extra assignment gave me, and for three healthy children. That helped me fight against the joy robbers and focus on God instead of myself.

What helps you when life goes topsy-turvy? Will you share with me in the comments?

Also for those of you memorizing Psalm 40 with me I am still working on verse 4. Next week we will turn to verse 5.