The Word and Flesh. . . This Really Got Me

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God. . . The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. . .” John 1:1,14

Every Christmas I spend time here – marveling at the mystery of the God-man Jesus. The creator and sustainer of the universe stepped down out of eternity and wrapped Himself in flesh that we stumbling failing sinful folks could live with Him in eternity one day. The idea just knocks the breath out of me.

I don’t really like giving up much for people. I don’t particularly like losing a few hours of sleep so I can serve someone or even spend time with the LORD. I don’t like deferring my preferences so we can compromise on a place to eat. I don’t like keeping my opinions to myself even if it is best for that relationship or organization. I don’t like it. AT. ALL.

Yet there comes Jesus, fully God and fully human. He steps out of His glory and limits Himself to a few tiny cells in Mary’s womb. He grows and stretches her abdomen tight. Then He is born that holy night and His screams ring throughout eternity. Everything changed when He became Immanuel – at least for us. That moment when Jesus took His first breath and Mary bathed and wrapped her son in cloths was planned before time began. God knew before He ever uttered the phrase, “Let there be. . .” that one day there would be a cross for His Son. Yet God delighted in His creation and He still delights in you.

What awes you about Christmas?

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