Tuesday Again. . .

My head pounded and all I wanted to do was lay down in a dark room for a few hours. Still it was 8:30 AM and I had to take my van for an oil change and repair a sensor. So I found the darkest place to sit in the car dealership {the kind with a wall of windows facing North and slightly East} and looked into my bag. My heart skipped a beat.

Where is it? I wonder as my heartbeat now races ahead of me. Did I lose it? Did someone grab it in the millisecond I set my bag down or while I was talking to the service rep? No. . . I'm supposed to write my blog post while I wait. Think. Think.

Then I knew. I left my i-pad at home. No blog post from the car dealership. . .


So went my morning and most of the rest of my day. Somehow I knew you all would forgive me. I thought of you and prayed for you as I missed writing for you all.


Also I realized I need another week to memorize Psalm 40:5. . . Why? because I haven't even started working on verse 5. I love the verse and can't wait to get it memorized, but life has been crazy and I admit I have not focused on memorizing like I need to. So let's get verse 5 knocked out of the park this week. It is all about proclaiming God's deeds and thanking God for the wonderful things He has done.


With that in mind I want to know the wonderful things God is doing in your life. Has He brought special provision in your life? Is He clearly guiding your steps in a certain area? Perhaps He is guiding you down the difficult road of change or disease. Can You see His wonderful protection or plan through the darkness? Let me know. . .


Oh and for my sweet readers facing infertility I have not forgotten you all. My heart aches for you as this season is full of babies. I know in your heart you are thankful that Jesus came as a baby, but at the same time it begs the question why not me? Since God can do anything, why not me?


Oh friends I beg you to wrestle that question out with God. He is the God of all comfort, the God who has plans to prosper you, and the God who works all things together for good. To whom else would you go? Cling to Him, trust Him, ask Him. He can handle your honest emotions and questions. Feel free to click on the contact link and e-mail me so I can pray for you if you don't want to leave it in the comments.


Father God be with each person reading this post today. Help them to reach out to You, honor You, and cling to You despite their circumstances. May they experience Your peace and joy today and every day. In Jesus' Name Amen.