Sneaky Pride or is it Idolatry. . . This Really Got Me Wednesday

My daughter’s eyes shined bright with anger and hurt. “You forgot mommy.”

The truth burned into my heart. I did forget. I forgot and I missed something important. I was helping a friend but that didn’t matter. I messed up.

My heart squeezed tight and the world around me tilted. Oh, sweet daughter, I want you to know how important you are to me. Lord how could I make this mistake? I wonder what others thought with my daughter up there and no one to cheer her on? 

It took me days to see it, but the motive behind that last thought was pride. I wanted others to think I am a good mom, an involved mom, a wonderful mom. Messing up rocked my world. I made being an involved mom a source of pride and beyond that pride was something more sinister. Idolatry. I set myself up as an idol. I patted and petted my accomplishments, my involved-ness, my goodness. Somehow I took credit for my kids instead of thanking God for them.

It was pride and idolatry because when the facade of wonderful and perfect fell away I felt devastated. My great mom card was destroyed and I was left with the truth. I can’t do this mothering thing apart from God’s help. Pride comes before a fall and idolatry turns our hearts from God to something else. Pride and idolatry go hand-in-hand – especially when the idol is myself.

What did God use to get you this week? Write a post and share it or leave a comment…