When All Feels Acidic. . . This Really Got Me


Everything felt raw and open and bare.


Battered and bruised I longed for peace. Everywhere lurked battles. Weary nothing seemed to soothe my soul. God’s Word even burned my weary soul and I wondered. How long can I do this? My soul aches. How long?

I knew God heard and yet no peace came. I longed to sit in a quiet room, listen to God, and rest. Frustration grew my irritated soul bumped and bruised those around me. The acid I wallowed in I spewed forth burning those I loved most.

Life is messy. I am a broken person living among broken people. My feelings get hurt, expectations aren’t met, and I allow my emotions to set the tone for my life.

Living life through my emotions is like trying to swim in a pool of acid. It burns.

The acid affects my eyesight. I only see myself, my dreams, my life, and not the other folks around me, certainly not God. It takes effort to focus on God when my heart aches raw and my eyes fixate on me. Then all of life feels acid. It burns and aches.

And the burning ache only makes me thing more about me – about how my dreams are not coming true and if only __________ would happen then things would be better. I lose sight of truth, blessings, joy.

In the acid of life I must make the effort to praise God, thank Him, dwell on His Word – the Truth.

In the effort slowly my emotions settle down. The burn still aches – healing takes time and letting God direct dreams is a learning process. And there is joy in laying dreams and plans in God’s hands.

Do you struggle with living life through your emotions? What do you do when all things feel acidic?

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