Perspective and Memory Monday

“I will never. . .”

“I don't understand why anyone would. . .”


I have eaten more than my share of words. I think God enjoys it when I realize the irony. I wasn't going to marry a doctor or work with fifth and sixth graders or consider fertility treatments. I was also going to be the perfect mom with perfect kids. You know achievable goals.


On the other side of things – married to a physician, teaching Sunday School to fifth and sixth graders, having two children with the help of fertility treatments, and not being perfect – God gave me a new perspective. He taught me grace and humility.


God gave me the gift of a wonderful husband and he is a doctor. I love being married to him and can't imagine life without him.


He taught me that babies are babies no matter how small. I didn't know a microscopic baby in a freezer could have such a hold on my heart this until I went through fertility treatments.


He showed me fifth and sixth graders are fun. They are a bit crazy at times, but mostly they fun.


He repeatedly reminds me I am not perfect and my children have wills of their own. I am learning the freedom and beauty of dependence.


In this way God opens my eyes to see things from another view. A view that reminds me God knows what is best for me, my ways or thoughts are not always right or perfect, things will not always be this hard, things I thought unpleasant bless me.


Remembering this I see clearly. I see the difficult as God things. When I eat crow I discover it doesn't taste too bad. Most importantly I learn that God is creative and He doesn't work inside the box I want Him to work inside. Instead He weaves together all things to make me more like Him.


So today is Memory Monday…We need to speed along Psalm 40 so this week let's work on two verses, 10 and 11.


How has God changed your perspective and what did you see that you didn't understand before? Leave a comment and let me know.