Lent not Lint

I have always loved singing praises to God and songs, well, I can figure them out pretty quickly. So before I could read I would sing praises to Jesus with gusto.

One Sunday morning I sat in a blue plastic chair next to my parents and siblings. The white tile floor of the community center where our church gathered gleamed bright. The worship leader strummed his guitar.

Yeah, I thought, I know this song.

I began to sing at the top of my lungs. . . “string bean. . .”


I do not even remember the name of the song I thought contained the words “string bean,” but I knew that was the right words. And in the same youthful thinking I wondered what Lint was all about. I understood the stuff that came from the dryer and sometimes my belly button, but I had no idea what Lent really was.

As a protestant I learned about Lent in grade school from some catholic friends who didn’t really know what it was. In fact I doubt many catholics or other more traditional church members could really tell me much about Lent. So I began searching. My friend Amy got me thinking with her post about Lent and Ann Voskamp also challenged me to dig deep.

The lenten season begins today. I have never observed this season – forty days before Easter. This season devoted to remembering Christ’s sacrifice on the cross – set apart different. A time to prepare my heart and mind for Easter. A time to lay down something of value to myself so I can remember His sacrifice.

I have a few books I plan on reading about Lent during this season.

In my effort to distance myself from man-made tradition I have lost rich tradition that points me closer to Christ.

So this year will be different. This year I will lay down something and during this Lenten season.

I am going to give up fried food – no chicken nuggets, tater tots, french fries, chips. That also means no guacamole, salsa, or chili con queso.

Seriously it also means I will daily remember Christ. His sacrifice will strengthen me because I when I give up what I think fills me, I have room to be filled by the God.