Tradition, Change, and the Body


That word chafes my heart. It seems restrictive and judgmental.

Heroes of the faith broke tradition and brought revival.

At times tradition feels like a pair of skinny jeans two sizes too small. If I can get them on they will restrict my movement, make it difficult to eat, maybe even breathe. But is that a problem with tradition or a problem with me? Maybe I have picked up some spiritual flab and it is time to work it off.

skinny jeans


Perhaps some parts of tradition need to change as well. It may be that the skinny jeans need to relax a bit in some areas. They will remain a pair of pants, but with more give, more grace.

And change is difficult, painful even. Grace is not natural, but the Body of Christ needs grace and truth. The truth is what keeps the true shape of tradition so it remains a pair of pants instead of turning into a dress. Grace is what keeps tradition from being too restrictive.

In the middle of grace and truth is where tradition and change must meet or the Body will not survive.

If tradition remains rigid what once nurtured believers will begin to suffocate their faith. If grace occurs without truth we lose the shape of our faith and remain spiritual babies.

So we need the tension of grace and truth, tradition and change so we can mature in our faith.

And God is there in the midst of tradition and change so His Body can bring Him glory.

Father God in heaven be with Your church. Lord give guidance and direction to leaders of all Your churches. May Your truth shine brightly in Your church. Father I pray for church members and attendees that they would allow this tension of tradition and change mature them in You. Father give us all broken and contrite hearts so You can use us. Show us the sin in our lives that You may purify us and we may bring You glory. I pray these things for You glory and honor, in Jesus’ powerful name. Amen.