Running Late and Finding Joy

“Are you at the school yet?,” I said breathlessly into my cell phone.

“No, I’m at the stop sign,” my husband answered. “Why?”

“L has eye therapy this morning,” my heart clenched tight. We missed her last appointment because it was Spring Break and I forgot.

“I’ll drop E and J at the school and take L to eye therapy,” my husband calmly responded.

Nodding I said, “I’ll meet you there.”



As I ran up the stairs frantic to get out the door I began to chastise myself.

I can’t believe I nearly forgot. What an idiot Angela. . . Thank You God for helping me remember.

I didn’t even check my calendar this morning. At some point after my husband left the house to take the kids to school, I remembered. Eye therapy.

I still had make-up on my face from the day before, so I quickly scrubbed my face. As I turned from the sink I realized I needed to brush my teeth.

While my toothbrush whirred I looked in the mirror. Glasses. I need to find my glasses or I can’t drive.

I searched my bathroom and bedroom. No glasses.

Alright, I thought, I’ll put in my contacts.

Except my contacts didn’t know I was in a hurry. After what felt like forever I finally had both contacts in, my teeth brushed, and my face washed. I grabbed my phone and raced down the stairs.

Breathless I grabbed my purse and keys.

The dog! I have to feed the dog.

I got the dog fed and finally ran out the door.

As I crested the hill near the eye therapy building I saw my husband and daughter in his black truck.

Perfect timing.

Except we were nearly 10 minutes late.

And it was there with my L saying, “Love you mommy,” as she headed to do therapy that it hit me.

The joy of it all, the humor, and the blessing of a little voice.


Friends if you are dealing with infertility may I encourage you to find the joy and humor in the now. Don’t hang all your hope for joy in having children. Instead hang it on a Father who doesn’t change. It isn’t easy and there will be tears but seek His joy.

Friends if you are a mommy or wife or single woman who sometimes runs around late and your thoughts attempt to beat you down. Fight it by finding the joy in the messiness of life. Find joy in God who is guiding all your steps according to His perfect plan.

And friends if you have a better system to stay organized and not forget…Please pass those tips along.

Where are you finding joy today? Leave a comment and let me know.