Grace and Truth – Healing Only Comes in the Light

Yesterday I was in bed by 9 PM. Yes I missed as one of my friends put it “One of the best [NCAA Men’s D I basketball] championship games ever.” In fact I didn’t even turn it on. Perhaps someone should check my temperature…

Is something wrong?

Anyway, the question is did I get up in the morning? The answer is multifaceted. Honestly I did get up, not when I planned per se. I spent some time with my husband which was unplanned, but needed. I got some essentials done before sending my kids and husband out the door.

I’d say it was a step in the right direction. I want to do better though and I know God can help me do better. So tomorrow – if God gives me a tomorrow – I will ask for His grace and mercy to get up early.

And this has me pondering a bit about the Christian life.

It isn’t a destination, it’s a process.

Paul even tells us in Philippians 2:12b “…continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,…”

In the tension of grace and truth we are to work out our salvation. Our words and deeds soaked in grace and truth. Wisdom to know how and when to speak truth. Grace to grieve and admit we don’t have all the answers.

Grace and truth are needed when mental illness scars, when infertility scorches, when horrendous things happen. Sometimes grace and truth are not in the words we say, but in our presence. Being there and saying I don’t have all the answers but I love you and will pray for and with you. Being there and crying tears of pain and grief together. Bearing the load together.

Because Jesus came for the broken and the sick. And we are all sick in one way or another. And the darkness just causes wounds to fester. Healing only comes in the light.

And perhaps that is why Jesus asked that lame man, “…Do you want to get well?”

Because we have shed light on the wounds to heal and we are afraid the wounds will scare people away. But wounds don’t scare Jesus and us folk who follow Him should not run from the wounds. No they are too deep for pat answers and too dark for us to understand. But we can pray for healing, pray for light, pray for relief, pray for doctors, and medicines that God can use to heal. And trust God to handle the rest.