Plan B

His birthday party was scheduled for May 4th. And I prayed for good weather because I wasn’t sure I wanted ten five and six-year-old boys in my house for an hour and a half.

As May 4th approached the weather forecast kept getting worse. At one point there was talk of snow early in the morning. And by May 3rd I knew my plans of letting them loose in my back yard was not going to happen.

A knot formed in my throat and my shoulders tensed and I did what anyone with two sisters would do…I called them for advice.

I had already been on the internet looking for ideas for my boy’s Lego party.

And honestly after that search I wanted to puke. I may have a little in my mouth even.

I am not the kind of mom who creates goody bags labeled with their names that look prettier than most presents I wrap. Honestly I am lucky to have a present and in a gift bag when I bring a child to a party. Please don’t get me wrong. I would love to be better organized and super crafts-y (not crafty because that sounds like you are cooking up evil schemes). But I am not.

I can do some fun crafts and I do enjoy them from time to time, but I am not a scrapbooker or crafter extraordinaire. In fact I try my best never to use paint or handwrite anything. EVER! My handwriting still looks like a grader schoolers and I seriously can barely write in cursive any more…..

Anyway, after the internet search my little idea of a kids party looked like that.


But the party had to go on…There was no canceling it after sending out invitations the Tuesday prior to the Saturday party. (I never claimed to be early).

And there I was Saturday morning icing the Lego cake.


Asking my husband to blow up balloons for relay races (by the way 5 and 6-year-olds only slightly “get” relay races). Then I frantically looked for a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey sort of game for legos. I found one and about thirty minutes before the beginning of the party I was cutting out pieces.

IMG_2958 IMG_2957

Seriously cutting it close…

And still we had a GREAT time. No it wasn’t as planned. It wasn’t a Pinterest or Google Lego extravaganza. But can I tell you a secret?

All the kids had a BLAST!!!! Serious fun with simple games and a party at home…

I’m not dissing those party divas who love to, can afford to, and pull off amazing parties with candy bars, lego goody bags, amazing fondant covered cakes, or even the perfect decorations (I had a store bought table cloth) all color coordinated.

But sometimes less really is more. And my boy was super happy to have his party at his house without much decor and lots of friends.

God taught me it doesn’t have to be perfect or all Pinterest-y or even color coordinated. Instead it has to be done with love and in excellence. I did my best with the time and talent God gave me. And God blessed it all.



So my memorizing friends…Let’s review this week…1 John 1-2:6…This is the week to get caught up if you are behind…like me…I hope you can join in…