When the Pain Binds You Together

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My scars and old wounds, I revealed them this weekend.

Tore the bandage off the hidden ugliness behind the pain and wounds. In front of women I never met, but I knew a part of their struggle.


I stood in a room full of women dealing with infertility or pregnancy loss and I spoke words of comfort, words of truth, words of correction.

And some of them cried and inside my heart ached for each one. My heart cried out broken and without answers. Yet there is hope and God, He doesn’t tells us the whys or the hows…But He is able to give us what we want or to withhold it.

He gives and He takes away and when we cling to Him our faith increases. God’s ways are not mine and it isn’t the amount of faith I have that will heal me, but the amount of grace I let God pour on me. His healing is of the eternal kind. Sometimes He heals physically, but sometimes He does not…Still we are healed in eternity.

Yet the physical pain remains and the questions are unanswered. It doesn’t seem fair.

So together we walk the road…The road that may lead to miracles in our bodies, in our hearts, or on our doorsteps. Miracles that bring us biological children, a peace about how many children we have, or children to adopt. The road may still have twists and turns.

There will be losses and gains and pain. Tears will be shed and one thing I saw in that beautiful group of women on Saturday.

The pain binds. It is true in my life. Those who walked the darkest days with me, they are the closest.

And shared pain it binds you tight and keeps you close. It is what we bear for each other. Pain that we cannot understand, pain that burns, pain that sears our heart to others.

And there it is in a group of women dealing with infertility, walking the road together, those women who struggle through church on Mother’s Day and wonder if they will ever get to be called momma. The pain is binding them together. They cry together, rejoice together, hope together.

I just want you to know you are never alone in your pain. Share it. It is worth it.


So memorizing friends…This week let’s work on 1 John 2:7-8…The wording of these verses is difficult for me to get in my head. How is it going for you?