It’s been a crazy week.

A trip to Memphis last weekend.

Mother’s Day.

A new seminary class started this week.

Dance recital rehearsals, lots of them.

An appointment with home repair folks.

AWANA awards picnic.

Planing a baby shower.

Field day at school.

Then another recital rehearsal, decorating for a baby shower, the actual recital, the baby shower, and a coffee to say goodbye to a friend…

And my head is spinning.

But God whispers low into my crazy.

He whispers that His load is light in the midst of the crazy spinning around me.

He reminds me that He has a plan and a purpose.

He faithfully helps me through the racing turning with wild grace that I could never deserve.

And He covers my sinful ways with His blood.

And I wonder at it all.

I wonder at God’s crazy gift of love wrapped in human flesh.

His love for me is amazing. His grace is overwhelming. His peace is given even in the crazy weeks.

And I wonder what my life is testifying to this crazy crazy week…

Does my life reflect my Savior?

Am I grateful in the midst of the busy-ness?

Do I have time for people or am I too stuck on my to-do list?

How do you stay centered on Christ when everything else is so crazy?