But it Goes Away

It happened to Moses, his face went from radiant directly after meeting with God and slowly the light darkened.

I knew it happened as I came home from camp. It was easy to feel close to God when you are away from electronics and surrounded by folks who honored God.

My sweet 10-year-old even noticed it. Before she left for camp this weeks she said, “It is so easy to see sin after you come home from camp, but that doesn’t last.”

And perhaps it is time to pray that we never like the taste of sin again?

Maybe that is why Paul says, “But sexual immorality, and all uncleanness, or greediness, must not even be named among you (as is fitting for saints)…” (Ephesians 5:3)

When sin creeps in we don’t like it at first, but soon we get cozy with it – like Lot.

He moved near the sinful cities, then he moved into them, and soon he was a leader in their city. He lost sight of the purity God calls believers to live out. What is worse is he forgot that loving God and obeying Him is more desirable than anything this world could offer. Loving God and obeying Him are so desirable because God forgives a sinner like me, like you, like Lot, or David, or Saul.

Compared to a perfect God each of us are the chief of sinners. And knowing God freely gave so we could live with Him in eternity startles my heart and drives me to gratitude.

Oh, but this world distracts me from the truth. It keeps me focused on what will never fulfill me instead of on the God who has given so much that I may gain more than I can fathom.

And it fades unless I fight for it or rest in God for it. And there is a battle that rages and I must suit up, but there is also a God who gives me rest. I just have to look to Him. Fighting and rest so that I won’t lose sight of all God did and does for me.

What helps you stay focused on God’s love rather than on what the world offers?