In Silence He Moves

I never imagined being here — in seminary, homeschooling, blogging, choir, and maybe more.

I didn't really ask for this life…I just followed the path God laid before me and here I am…

It doesn't make sense. I never would have started seminary if I knew I'd be homeschooling…

Blogging and writing and speaking and seminary and homeschooling?!

It doesn't add up, but I can't deny this is where God is leading me.

Yet isn't that the way of God? He gives you a dream — like he gave Joseph a dream — and the road to it doesn't seem to make sense. It is marked by rejection, long nights of hopelessness, and painful refining.

Still God unfolds the dream in His time and His way. It takes sacrifice and obedience and humility to walk the road to the fulfilled dream.

And He is often so silent weaving things together so He can fulfill the dream. When He speaks He says, “Wait.” And the wait stretches and twists and pulls.

I whine while I wait, but I know God is there.

Sometimes His presence irritates. Doesn't He know He is the only One who can make this dream a reality? Why is He so quiet?

But His presence is my hope and peace. He is able and He has plans and His plans are better than mine.

So as He remains silent, I learn to trust…His ways, His timing, His everything.

And I learn He is more than enough.

What have you learned in God's silence?