When Your Day Goes Boom

The dog barely limped down the stairs outside and I knew. I had to take her to the vet. She isn’t even two yet and she was clearly in pain.

“Don’t forget to call the AC repair  guys,” my husband reminded me as he left for work.

My shoulders tensed and my heart clenched tight. Vet and AC repairman. I’ll call them at 8…And homeschool…I can do this… My thoughts swirled wildly.



The vet squeezed my dog in at 2 PM…

The AC repairman came by at about 9 AM…And he found water pouring into my crawl space from the hot water heater.

The plumber was called and the AC was repaired.

Then painter and sheetrock repair man called. He would have to wait until after the vet.

The plumber came and had to get parts…I had to run to the vet. So the plumber kindly worked on the parts on my front porch until I returned from the vet…

At the vet there was blood work and x-rays to be done, so I left my pooch in their care so I could let the plumber in the house.

After the plumber left, but before I picked up the injured pooch the painter came by. At that point I couldn’t remember all the places we needed sheetrock repaired or paint touch-up done…I was a harried mess.

After the painter left I went to pick up the pooch…And somehow in the middle of the chaos my kids completed school work…Don’t ask me how…

The pooch? Well, she most likely has “beagle pain syndrome.” It is a real thing that beagles can get…She essentially gets bruises near her spine (in her case her neck) and they are painful. A round of steroids should solve her problem.

And that day was one of chaos and crazy and I have to admit that I didn’t handle the crazy so well.

But God gave me grace, my kids forgave the crazy mommy-teacher, the leak would have been so much worse if the AC repairman didn’t have to come, and there God was in the mess of it all speaking words of peace.

But when I held tight to what I deserved – a 5-year-old house without issues, a healthy dog, and homeschool students who never waste time or fuss – then I missed those words of peace God whispered around me. When I remove my eyes from myself and place them on God my heart and perspective change. With my eyes fixed on God, I am thankful for a broken AC that led to finding a leaking hot water heater before major damage occurred. I am grateful for vets, x-rays, blood work, and medicines that help dogs feel better. My heart rejoices that there are plumbers who can fix damaged hot water heaters and are willing to work on my front porch so I could take care of my dog. And I see three children God created for me to raise so we can learn together how to bring God glory through the trials of life.

Next time my day goes boom, I pray I let go of what I think I deserve and willingly receive the gifts God is giving me for that day.


How do you handle days that go boom?