2014 One Word…

Happy New Year friends!


In 2013 God gave me the word “wait.”

And He taught me a lot about waiting and what it means and what it doesn’t mean. I learned a lot….

I learned to wait on dreams and wait for God’s timing and to trust His way…

Now 2014 God has given me another word to think about, use, dwell on…


The kind that includes writing down goals and working hard for them…

It means getting in bed at a descent time and waking early and working out and eating healthy.

It also means writing regularly, spending time in God’s Word daily, praying intentionally.

And it means I will fail and fall and need grace.

It also means I need to walk in the Spirit in order to do any of these things for God’s glory.

And so I pray for discipline…work towards discipline…trusting God to fill me with His Spirit so I may live this word daily.


What word is God calling you to think on, dwell on, work on this year?