Learning and Leaning

If you haven’t heard me say it before or read it on this blog let me be clear….

I am a stumbling child of God…I walk through this life making choices and praying for wisdom and still I struggle.

My husband pulled me kicking and screaming (almost) into teaching fifth and sixth grade Sunday School five years ago.

I swore I would never work with that age group. It was my least favorite group to work with at camp and I had no interest…none…ever again…

But God has a great sense of humor and he loves to put me in places where I end up doing what I was “never going to do…”

So this reluctant teacher for fifth and sixth graders opened her heart and discovered she really liked them, most of the time…In fact they put up with my weirdness…like randomly doing a yoga pose in the middle of class or rapping to tobymac’s Unstoppable or any other number of things I have done to keep them occupied…They learned and laughed and discussed…

And five years later it is time to say goodbye. While I have attempted to step out of that class for nearly as many years as we have been teaching it God always said no…Until now.

And both my husband and I are leaving with heavy hearts. Not because someone else can’t teach those kids, but because we won’t be teaching them any more. And God is asking us to pray for them. Pray for our church and our church families to train-up children to know God. Pray that we as parents are doing the same…

Change is difficult for me…but so necessary and needed.

Is God calling you to make a change that is difficult, but needed? What is that change? How may I pray for you?